Free as a Bird Films was founded by a group of freelence Artists in 2011. In collaboration we create, produce, edit, direct and compose for narrative and documentary films.


In a rapidly changing world, films have the power to help us evolve and grow as human beings. We can utilize this art form in pursuit of creating and maintaining a better quality of life.


Film is a visual language which speaks volumes in today's multimedia age. It is used by millions of people all over the world. By engaging and connecting people visually we can capture peoples lives, passions and ideas. Within our company we aim to create a project that's personal to you.


Artists and their work. Art is a powerful tool to educate and expand minds of all generations.


People who work closely with nature and wish to express ecological awareness and biodiversity.


Exposure for protected areas such as national parks, wilderness areas, community conserved areas and nature reserves.



Helping all types of farmers using different traditions, techniques and products to promote the importance of Agriculture.



Visuals can provide better communication for cultural centres, museums, libraries, historical sites, theatres, sports events, markets and festivals.


A film can help promote and share your personal business ventures. We can provide you with a film relating to your personal style of business and help you engage more effectively with your clients.


Projects to reach students from Schools, Colleges and Universities. Younger generations education is crucial for the development of the world's future. They relate to technology much more than ever. Reaching them through film, in cinemas, museums, on television and via the internet is important for their development and finding a place in the world.



Film can contribute to the awareness of global issues and can provide people with the opportunity to learn and help others from different walks of life.


It's people, businesses, artists  and events that capture a sense of community, history and life. Our work ethic will provide you with the means to reach out and touch lives with what you are passionate about.